S-76® Helicopter

The gold standard of its class.

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S-76® Helicopter 


The legendary S-76® helicopter operates successfully in more than 40+ countries on five continents, fulfilling its many missions in varied environmental conditions found worldwide.

The proven S-76® helicopter continues to improve, responding to today's most critical market requirements with increased performance, quiet comfort and spacious cabin interiors, enhanced safety, dispatch reliability, operating cost efficiencies and superior mission versatility.
The S-76D helicopter is truly the next step in helicopter technology, setting a new standard of excellence that S-76® helicopter operators have come to expect. Power and performance are enhanced by all composite main rotor blades and optimized Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S engines with dual FADEC controls. Its quiet tail rotor will allow for reduced external acoustic signature and gain acceptance with the communities where it operates. Pilots will appreciate the state-of-the-art integrated Thales cockpit, its increased range and its ability to launch into known icing conditions. With the increased measures for a quieter cabin, passengers will enjoy a heightened travel experience.
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Introduced in 1977, the S-76 series has had a long legacy of supporting our customers with reliability and comfort. Originally built for the rigorous demands of the offshore oil market, its capabilities fit naturally into other market segments, such as executive transport, SAR, Airline and helicopter Emergency Medical Services.

Earlier versions of the S-76 helicopter include The S-76ATM and S-76A+TM helicopters (307 built), S-76BTM helicopter (103 built) and S-76CTM , S-76C+TM helicopters (191 built), and S-76C++TM helicopters (214 built). These machines continue to be productive assets for our customers and Sikorsky solidly supports them through our Sikorsky Aerospace Services division.

Powerplant and fuel system


Number of Engines
Engine Type Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S  
Take Off Power, 5 minutes 1,077 shp 803 kw
Maximum OEI power (30 sec) 1,210 shp 903 kw
Maximum Continuous Power (MCP) 1,062 shp 803 kw
Maximum Gross Weight 11,875 lbs 5,386 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 155 kts 287 kph
Maximum Range - No Reserve 472 nm 874 km
Hover In-Ground Effect Ceiling 10,540 ft 3,103 m
Hover Out-of-Ground Effect Ceiling 4,930 ft 1,600 m
OEI Service Ceiling 8,235 ft 2,530 m
AEO Service Ceiling 15,000 ft * 4,572 m *
Cabin Length 7.92 ft 2.41 m
Cabin Width 6.25 ft 1.93 m
Cabin Height 4.42 ft 1.35 m
Cabin Area 50 ft2 4.65 m2
Cabin Volume 204 ft3 5.78 m3
Baggage Volume 38 ft3 1.08 m3
Seating 12 


Baseline Configration:

  • Large, rectangular cabin
  • Active Vibration Control System (AVCS)
  • Reduced interior noise
  • Two jettisonable cabin doors
  • Two jettisonable cockpit doors
  • Retractable tricycle landing gear
  • Built-in work platforms to access engines and hydraulic deck
  • Thales TopDeck® avionics system
  • Four-axis fully coupled autopilot
  • Health Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
  • Thales digital map
  • Collins Pro Line 21 comm/nav radio suite
  • Two pilot positions with Energy attenuating seats
Powerplant and fuel system
  • Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S dual FADEC-controlled engines - optimized for the S-76D
  • Suction fuel system - 292 gallons
Rotor and drive system
  • QUIETZONE® main transmission
  • Four-blade articulated main rotor with enhanced, all-composite flaw-tolerant main rotor blades
  • Quiet Tail Rotor (QTR) with four enhanced flaw-tolerant, flexbeam composite tail rotor blades
  • Two brushless, DC starter generators
  • Fixed LED landing light on the right main landing gear
  • Retractable, controllable landing light
  • LED position & recognition lights
  • Transmission-driven AC generator